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Hedge Cutting


Our accreditations

We provide a popular specialist cutting and trimming service for domestic garden hedges and commercial businesses. We are fast and efficient at hedge cutting and trimming and carry all the necessary equipment to deal with overgrown hedges including towers and long reach cutting equipment.

It is important to keep trimming hedges once a year to help keep it manageable and to form a solid boundary.

We have the correct knowledge and expertise to reshape and trim your hedge from trimming a small box hedge up to a huge over grown leylandii hedge requiring the use of cherry pickers and other specialist equipment, We will advise and work closely with you and follow your specific instructions to produce the desired end result with minimal disruption.

As well as carry out all aspects of topiary trimming, hedge trimming, hedge reductions and hedge removal, We can supply new hedges for re-planting We also offer an annual hedge trimming service tailored to your needs. Remove we are passionate about the environment because it appears twice


We are passionate about caring for the environment.That is why we only use biodegradable chainsaw oil and 2 stroke oil, everything is recycled the wood chip is given to powerplants to burn as a renewable source of energy and timber is logged up for fire wood.