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We supply mixed hardwood and softwood timber which is mainly produced by our tree surgery and felling operations suitable for burning on open fires, wood burning stoves & wood fired boilers.

We can deliver firewood within a 20 mile radius free of charge

with escalating gas and electricity bills more and more people are switching over to wood burning stoves, the solid fuel association have predicted a 40% industry rise and many chimney sweeps are booked up for months in advance.
Another great advantage in using wood to heat your home is the environmental aspect. Wood is a renewable energy source and considered carbon neutral because it only releases the CO2 captured by the growth of the tree.

If you're looking for logs for sale, you may want to think about storage first. There's nothing worse than a fire that simply won't light. If you've ever had problems, the likelihood is your logs have not been stored correctly. Your store needs careful consideration so your fuel is in optimum condition when you need it. So what are the best practices for good wood storage?











Sheltered - We'll start by stating the obvious, the store needs shelter to protect the wood from rain and it is important that you don't cover them with a tarp as it encourages moisture retention, and it helps if the bottom logs are stored off the ground.

Well Ventilated You need to allow air to circulate thoroughly to assist the drying process. If your store has sides, leave gaps between the boards so that the air can flow through.

Well Stacked When stacking your firewood always place the large logs on the bottom. Stacks can be dangerous as wood shrinks when it dries out, take care to avoid any potential harm or damage from it collapsing.

If the logs are too wet, energy will be taken from the fire to dry it out. This will result in less heat to the room and more tar deposits. For your peace of mind, all of the Firewood we supply is already seasoned, so you can start burning immediately. Ensure you have a plentiful stock well before you intend to start burning, so you will never be caught out when the cold weather arrives

Woodchip deliveries

Woodchip is produced as a by product from our day-to-day tree surgery operations and can be used as mulch for gardens usually applied at 4/ 5 inches thick, the woodchip will suppress weeds and add some vital components to the soil